Countryside Farmstead "STONE ISLAND" locates near the river Šventoji. We can arrange a kayak trip for you and your family or friends - for a company of up to 30 persons. People of various age can take part in a trip, but children under 16 can take part only in common with adults

We highly recommend you a kayak trip - it is an excelent way of relaxation, boating down the river Šventoji, observing it’s picturesque scenery, flora and fauna.

You can choose of a several routs of a trip (~ 2.5 h): 

  • From the countryside farmstead "STONE ISLAND" - to the Monkey bridge in Šventoji;
  • From  Laukžemės mill - to the countryside "STONE ISLAND";
  • From Laukžemės mill - to the Monkey bridge in Šventoji.

1 Double kayak rental price - from 25 EUR.

Discounts are applied to permanent clients.